September 29, 2011


12" x 36"; discarded dishware, salvaged tile bits and mirror scraps on leftover 1/4" Hardi-backer board with thinset and sanded grout. Prepped and sealed for outdoor use in temperatures above freezing. By R. F. De Lorme, ©2011 (click image to enlarge)
Fall is fabulous in Vermont, but all too short so I made a tall tree to celebrate the season. This piece stands 3' tall and the trunk makes use of the backs (with the manufacturers stamps) as well as the fronts, of various shades of white, cream and grey plates. The leaves are hand-cut rounds, to give the piece a sense of fullness and volume. There are also a few slivers and bits of mirror in the trunk to give it a bit of twinkle when the light catches it. This panel was created on hardi-backer board with thinset and specially sealed so that it can be displayed outdoors in temperatures above freezing — or in a shower stall — or as a kitchen backsplash.