October 26, 2014


This year's donation piece for the International MosaicAuction to benefit DWB / MSF

As my family, friends, colleagues and regular readers know, I am a fan of Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières — A HUGE FAN! Perhaps this is because it has been my joy and privilege to travel to many places throughout the world during my lifetime and I feel a connection with so many people and so many places, or perhaps it is because, at the impressionable age of 6 during an obsession with Africa, I became enamored with the work, fascinating life and thought provoking teachings of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, or perhaps it is because, after substantial internal struggle, I chose NOT to attend medical school and have, upon many occasions, wondered what I might be doing now if I had pursued a medical calling. Would I still be happily diving into dumpsters after discarded treasures...?! Regardless, I am in awe — and strongly in favor — of the work of DWB / MSF.

Years ago when I first began making the sorts of art works that anyone other than myself might be interested in, I picked DWB / MSF as my "chosen charity". I gladly donate mosaic art works, as well as a percentage of the proceeds from cards and prints I sell to this noble organization every year and although in the grand scheme of things it is not very much, I figure every little bit helps. So I was thrilled when an incredibly talented mosaic artist and a dedicated humanitarian colleague, Lin Schorr, came up with the idea — and the amazing energy — to organize an on-line International Mosaic Auction to benefit my chosen charity!

The International Mosaic Auction to Benefit Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières is now in it's third year and if this year's auction goes as well as the two previous auctions, we (the collective, but highly disparate and wide-flung group of mosaic artists from around the world who eagerly participate in this event, along with our generous bidders without whom there could be no auction) can hope to raise at least another $20,000 for DWB / MSF to help with the critical work they do. Not only is this is soooooo much more than I could ever hope to contribute as an individual, but I feel it gives me, and the other participating artists, an opportunity to spread the word about DWB / MSF and remind people just what an outstandingly courageous, hard-working, well organized and dedicated organization it is. Whether working in countries torn asunder by war, or regions devastated by natural disasters, or populations threatened by a truly scary communicable disease, DWB / MSF gets the job done effectively and efficiently. You see, DWB / MSF is one of THOSE charities — YES, the ones that are actually praised for using their funds primarily and directly for the benefit of those they serve rather than merely to perpetuate their organization, solicit for further funds or line the pockets of their CEOs. And while their work is never done in this world of nearly overwhelming need, now is a time of perhaps greater need than usual.

2012 mosaic art donation to DWB / MSF auction available as note cards. 
So, what can you and I do about Ebola? While I am NOT a doctor or medical professional with the skills to be helpful in the field, I can give my time through the creation and donation of my art to the annual auction — and I can continue to send some money through my long-standing relationship with DWB / MSF. You can bid on some of the interesting, unusual and outstanding pieces of mosaic artwork during the on-line International Mosaic Auction to benefit DWB / MSF, beginning on 22 November, 2014, that mosaic artists, famous and not so famous, from the world over have created just for this occasion and maybe you'll be the winning bidder...or you can simply send your money straight to DWB / MSF — either way, DWB / MSF will benefit, which means the people who need their help, as well as you and I, as part of the greater world community, all win!