January 14, 2012


Rough concept of the final design choice.

I am delighted to announce that I have begun creating the mosaic mirror for installation in the new Circle of Care Boutique currently under construction at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center located on the campus of Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital in St. Johnsbury, VT. The underlying theme and logo involves sunflowers and the mirror needs to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, including those in wheel chairs, within a 46" wide space between two doors. Below are the 4 design options submitted to the board back in October and at left is the final choice. Materials used will include recycled dishware and china, tile, mirror, salvaged tempered glass and other bits and baubles that I can scrounge up. The project, spearheaded by the NVRH Auxilliary will be the only American Cancer Society designated facility in Northern New England to provide a range of supplies, services and support to cancer patients during treatment. While construction was delayed somewhat, everyone is hoping for a Grand Opening on Valentine's Day so I will be very busy for the next month!
But is it BIG enough...?! Checking out size, perspective and installation requirements at the construction site with mock-ups. The group of about 7 - 9 sunflowers will range from 16" - 24" in diameter, have leaves 9" - 12" long and sit atop stems up to 8' tall.

The four designs originally submitted to the planning board. Two in consideration of construction plans calling for a 20' tall ceiling and two for a 10' tall ceiling.